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10 Most Popular Destinations of UK Expats

Posted on 18th December 2015

Currently, 5 million British people are living overseas, and the list of most popular destinations has changed very little over the past two decades. Here at Whittles Removals, we’ve helped countless families with their removals and to relocate to more exotic climates, and so have come to know firsthand just which countries are attracting the most Brits. Here’s our rundown of the 10 most popular destinations of UK expats to move to:


Roughly 97,000 British expats have set out for a new life in Germany, made popular because of its cheap property rates and low taxes. The country is thought to have a more relaxed approach to life than here in Britain, and the landscape varies from huge, bustling cities to stunning rolling hills and clear lakes.

Channel Islands

Home to 73,030 expats, the Channel Islands are a popular settling ground for the wealthy thanks to its low taxes, good economy and, of course, the hugely beneficial offshore banking. The Channel Islands provide a sunnier climate than here in the UK, and without too much of a culture shock as both England and France are very accessible from the islands.


172,806 Brits found themselves emigrating to France, perhaps drawn by the excellent transport links between their former lives and their new homes. Removals to France are usually relatively stress-free because France is part of the EU, and so close to the UK. France has a host of beneficial qualities, including tax breaks and discounted transport for  families with more than one child, and affordable healthcare. The French aim for a much more balanced home and work life, too, working just 35-hour weeks.


Even with a financial crisis dulling the appeal, Ireland is home to over a quarter of a million Brits. Ireland is attractive to expats and so many British citizens move to Ireland because of its close proximity to England, beautiful countryside and a shared language.

South Africa

A choice for the slightly more adventurous to move in to. The diversity of cultures, exotic animals and incredible weather of South Africa has resulted in 305,660 expats moving to South Africa from the UK.

New Zealand

313,850 Brits have taken to the other side of the globe to move to New Zealand, preferring the favourable tax system and healthier lifestyle to life here in the UK. This option is generally favoured by families with children as it offers a low-crime rate and a safer environment.


Rather a safe terrain for Brits, Spain offers a home-from-home feeling thanks to its high number of English speakers and accessible lifestyle. Although reducing in popularity as unemployment rates soar, Spain is still home to 381,025 expats.


High-quality education, housing and healthcare were huge draws for the 674,371 British expats who’ve moved to Canada.  You’ll struggle to find a more welcoming country – Canada has one of the most positive attitudes towards immigration and accepts over 200,000 immigrants a year.


A massive 758,919 Brits have moved to the USA to chase the American dream, enticed by its large economy and diverse landscapes and cultures.


Clearly the most popular choice amongst British expats with a whopping 1.28 million Brits who have moved to Australia. Thousands of miles of beautiful coastline and glorious weather are huge draws in themselves, but the huge country also has enough space for everyone to enjoy large properties and a high standard of living.


Whether you’re happy in Europe, heading to the States, flocking to Australia, or maybe setting out somewhere even more exotic, the team at Whittles Removals can help make the transition of moving to another country and the removal involved as stress-free as possible. We’ve been helping people relocate since 1880, meaning there’s no problem you can throw at us that we won’t have seen before! We’re really experts in what we do, transporting your goods quickly and securely, and helping you settle in your exciting new home in no time. If you’d like more information on our services or would like a quote, feel free to contact us today. We’re always happy to help.


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