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How to minimise the stresses of moving

Posted on 19th December 2014

With moving house rated as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, second only to the death of a family member, it’s important that homeowners know the various tips and tricks that can make their lives a lot easier in the moving process. That’s why our team of expert removals workers have devised a list of our top tips on how to get through the process with minimal stress and disruption to your life.

Organise your tasks

When planning the monumental task of moving house, there are various aspects to think about. From changing your address on existing accounts or subscriptions, to informing your friends and family of your plans and new address, and even organising who will watch your children or pets when the moving process is at its busiest, it helps to create an itemised list of tasks – a ‘to do’ list – to help you organise your time. This way, you can systematically plan your move, leaving no stone unturned, as well as leaving nothing to chance in terms of remembering everything. Plus, you get the satisfaction of ticking off each task once completed, with each tick bringing you one step closer to the reality of your exciting new life in your new home.

Allow yourself plenty of time

Many things are out of our control when it comes to moving house, such as the housing chain you may be a part of slowing down proceedings, or a storage company delaying the process of collecting and storing your possessions. With these and many other eventualities fully possible during any moving process, it’s key that you allow yourself and your family enough time to have a stress-free move, with no nail-biting, last-minute panics. We recommend at least eight weeks, which should give any mover enough time to arrange a fully comprehensive removals service and process.

Sort through your possessions

Moving house can be a prime opportunity to get rid of some of the old junk which you’ve been hoarding, allowing for a clutter-free new start in your new property, plus saving on the size of the removals service and the time it takes. Take the opportunity, when clearing out your current property, to recycle, donate or throw away any old possessions that you no longer need or want.

Get a helping hand

During the process of moving house, there is nothing more helpful than a few helping hands around the place. If possible, rope in family members or friends to help you with packing your possessions, looking after your children or pets or even running errands such as organising meals for your family whilst you work at organising your home.

Don’t tire yourself out

Remember, although it is important that you are fully organised and ready come moving day, you must remember that you and your family’s wellbeing comes above the speed of the moving process. All removals companies have dealt with unorganised, stressed families before, and will be as helpful as they can on the big day, so don’t let yourself get too worked up or exhausted by the process. Stay calm, and let the removals company lend you a helping hand. During the process, remember to eat properly and get enough sleep, as well as providing your family with fun activities to help with the natural feelings of upheaval and sadness that come about during a move.

Say goodbye in style

Moving to a new property and leaving your old life behind is something that should not be taken lightly. Even if you are only moving around the corner, make sure you bid your old property and neighbours a proper farewell; perhaps invite them round for a few leaving drinks, or knock on a few doors to say your goodbyes.

Reward your hard work

When you are finally settled in and installed in your new home, let yourself relax and reward yourself and your family, and all your hard work. Perhaps you can order a takeaway and have a movie night in your new house, and enjoy each other’s company, enjoying the total peace of mind that your task is completed and you’ve finally made it to your new home.


At The Whittle Group, we provide an expert removals service with a smile to customers around the UK. Our loyal following of customers are continually impressed by our affordable, efficient solutions, with our friendly team providing only the highest quality service at all times. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Whittles today – we’ll be happy to help.



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