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New passport checks may cause delays at major ports

Posted on 27th May 2015

With the introduction of new passport checks at major ports throughout the UK comes a concern for the creation of serious delays for those travelling by ferry and tunnel out of the country. The checks, which will be carried out on those leaving the country, will be enforced in the port of Dover and the nearby Channel Tunnel terminal in the area of Folkestone.

Accompanying the existent checks that are carried out on those entering the country, the introduction of these new checks has come about for a number of reasons. Providing the country with vital confirmation of peoples’ exits from the UK, the checks will also ensure a steadfast immigration system – something that is vital to the country’s safety and regulation.

Indeed, minister for security and immigration, James Brokenshire, stated “It is right that we have an immigration system that is fair, that tackles immigrations and that clamps down on anyone who tries to cheat the system by staying here when they have no right to do so”. Further to this, exit checks will also help police and security forces track the movements of criminals and terrorists they are in pursuit of.

Naturally with changes like this come alterations in the provision of travel and tourism services, as service providers such as ferry companies and tunnel operatives must factor this additional procedure into their processes. Brokenshire spoke of the effect these checks may have on those travelling through these ports, stating that “Port and travel operators are experts in their business and know their customers best, which is why we’ve supported them to design and trial the systems for collecting data in a way that will minimise the impact on customers”.

Though there will, undoubtedly, be some small impact on these services, the overall effect of these checks will not be a negative one. As well as the aforementioned benefits to the immigration system within the UK, the checks will create a whole host of new jobs within the tourism industry; something which will only serve to benefit the UK’s economy. As an economy that has not long been out of recession, movements like this in our economy can only be positive.


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