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Piano Removals; When to Call the Professionals

Posted on 28th October 2015

A piano is a valuable and precious possession that needs to be treated with care. When it comes to moving a piano, we always recommend that you enlist the help of a professional to ensure that no harm comes to the instrument. If you do want to attempt to move a piano yourself, however, the following guide should be followed meticulously to prevent accidents or injuries.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Move a Grand Piano

If you are lucky enough to be in possession of a grand piano, do not attempt to move the instrument yourself! You should always use a professional service for the moving of a grand piano as the instrument is extremely heavy, often reaching 1,000 lbs in weight and extending to up to 108 inches long. Furthermore, the piano needs to be broken down to be moved, which can be a difficult and delicate task on such an expensive instrument.

Moving an Upright Piano

  1. Measure your piano and all of the corridors and doorways you need to navigate to make sure the piano can fit through.
  2. Wrap the piano up using a cloth and plastic wrap. Tape down the keyboard lid to keep the lid in place during traction.
  3. With the help of at least 3 others, lift the piano onto a wheeled dolly and strap it on securely.
    Important: Many pianos have wheels, known as metal casters, and it can be tempting to simply wheel the piano around on these – it is important that you do not do this; these wheels are for display only and attempting to wheel the piano can cause them to break or the weight to cause gouging to your flooring.
  4. Push the dolly carefully and slowly to the van.
  5. Using a ramp, navigate the piano into the van, with some of your helpers pushing and the rest pulling.
  6. Dismount the piano from the dolly and place the piano against the back wall of the van, using other furniture to secure the piano in place to prevent it moving whilst the van is in motion.

Moving a Piano Up and Down Stairs

Moving a piano up or down stairs is very dangerous business and we’d highly recommend that you have the professionals move the piano to protect the instrument and yourself. Weightlifting straps are required and the stairs need to be approached slowly and cautiously with a lot of strong helpers to take the weight of the piano.

Warning: If you lose your grip, do not attempt to stop the piano from falling. Doing so could result in a fatal injury.

For safe piano removals in the Preston, Liverpool and Manchester areas, you can count on The Whittle Group. With over 130 years’ experience in the removals industry, we’ve developed all of the relevant skills to handle a range of difficult piano moves, from grand pianos to uprights. For more information on this service, get in contact today.

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