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The most common things left behind when people move house

Posted on 19th June 2016

The stress of moving can often lead to forgetfulness, which is definitely not what you want on your moving day. Here at The Whittle Group, we believe the key to a successful, straightforward move is planning, so we’re here to help relieve some those anxieties with a list of the most common things left behind when moving house.

So before you start packing up, make a note of these items and be the one to remember what everyone else forgets!

How to keep track of items

Keeping track of which items are in which boxes is a small task that can take a huge weight off your shoulders when the big move finally arrives. Whilst this might seem obvious, it is something that can be very easily overlooked when you are in the midst of your packing frenzy.

Simply labelling boxes with ‘kitchen’, ‘living room’, ‘bathroom’ not only makes it easier for yourself when unpacking, but also makes the whole move simpler for the removal team. This way, you won’t have to stand by the door checking and opening every box that comes through.

Things to pack in advance

It can be easy to leave the task of packing up your belongings until the last minute, but there are some items you can pack in advance to make moving day run that little bit smoother. These include:

  • ornaments
  • picture frames
  • mirrors
  • wall-hangings
  • any hidden money jars you may have left in secret places around the house

There are so many stories of people finding hundreds of pounds in the walls or cupboards in their new houses; as much as we would all love to discover some hidden pennies, you don’t want to be the one losing out on some hard-earned cash by leaving it for the new tenants to find.

Things to pack last

There are some items that will come in handy for the final movements in the old house, and the first steps in the new one. You don’t want to be digging through boxes to find the teabags and kettle for a desperately needed brew just before the major unpacking begins.

Items such as these, along with mugs, toilet roll, and cleaning products, should all be the last to go into those boxes so as to have easy access to them once you’re in the new house. Equally, you don’t want to have the dustpan and brush on its way to the new place and then find a mess under the recently moved fridge just as you think you’re done, so make sure to leave that until last too!

Places to check right before you leave

Final checks are the most important part of the whole moving process. Sometimes it’s wise to tackle this as a team activity, a set of fresh eyes can be helpful in these situations. Make sure to check garages, lofts, drawers and medicine cabinets; you don’t want to be leaving any important documents or medication behind.

Chargers, toothbrushes, coat hangers and items on top of cupboards are also items that can be very easily overlooked in the panic of a move, so that final sweep could save you from forking out on those everyday essentials. Not only that, don’t forget to check your fridge, freezer and dishwasher before you go as you don’t want the new owners finding your forgotten leftovers in the freezer; that sort of thing could be your saviour as a first meal in the new house.

The Whittle Group

Here at The Whittle Group, we will go the extra mile to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible. From the initial consultation and planning through to the packing and execution of the move, we can facilitate the entire project to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. To find out more or to arrange a no obligation quote, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today.




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