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Top packing tips for moving house

Posted on 23rd July 2016


Your offer has finally been accepted on your dream home! So, what happens next? Whilst relocating home can be a daunting task for many, preparation is key to ensure a well-executed move.

Many movers relegate packing towards the bottom of their to-do list, often causing last minute panic when moving day arrives. Starting the packing process as early as possible will help keep stress levels at a minimum, ensuring the move runs as smoothly as possible. Here, we will provide you with our top packing tips for moving house, so you can enjoy an organised, stress free move.

1. Declutter your home

There’s no doubt about it, packing up an entire property is a time-consuming task. To lighten the load, it’s best to get rid of any unwanted items prior to packing for your move, rather than going to the effort of transporting them to your new home only to throw them away once you’ve settled in.
Now’s the time to be ruthless – organise your unwanted belongings into separate piles to throw away, donate to charity and sell.

2. Pack one room at a time

The most logical way of packing is to do so one room at a time, starting with rooms you use the least, such as the garage. It’s a good idea to pack out-of-season items – such as coats, Christmas decorations or garden tools – first, as these will be the things you unpack last in your new home.

3. Pack efficiently

When packing up your own belongings, it can be difficult to keep track of how heavy the boxes are becoming. As moving day will involve a great deal of carrying, we suggest you use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items to avoid overpacking.

4. Wrap fragile items

In the event that boxes are dropped during transit, fragile items such as ornaments, paintings and glassware should be carefully wrapped using several layers of newspaper and bubble wrap to ensure they can withstand the fall. To prevent the newspaper print from marking your valuable items, make sure you use clean tissue paper for the first layer of wrapping.

5. Dismantle furniture

When preparing to move home, packing furniture is a task often overlooked. Make sure you dismantle large pieces of furniture so they are easy to carry and ready for transit. Wrapping furniture with blankets will protect against any dents and scratches during transportation.

6. Label boxes clearly

Whilst this may seem like an obvious step, many movers get so caught up in the midst of their packing that they forget to label their boxes. As such, it’s important to remember to clearly label each and every box with its contents and the room they belong in, as this will make the process of unloading and unpacking the boxes much easier in your new home.

7. Keep important documentation together

It’s imperative to keep all important documentation – including contracts, birth certificates and passports – together in a safe place to ensure they do not become lost or misplaced during the move.

8. Load the van strategically

Moving day has finally arrived and it’s time to load all of your boxes safely onto the van. When doing so, make sure you strategically place the heavier, larger boxes into the vehicle first to ensure the unloading process is as straightforward as possible at the other end.

The Whittle Group

Here at The Whittle Group we have been moving people since 1880, ensuring each and every move we undertake is planned meticulously for a smooth, stress-free experience. Not only do we specialise in removals, we are also on hand to provide full packing services and can dismantle large pieces of furniture when required.

For further information or to organise a free home survey and quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.

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