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Top tips for moving day

Posted on 16th May 2016

Moving day has finally arrived and now’s the time you will really start to see the benefits of all of your preparation. Make no mistake, moving house is hard work, and with a long list of things to remember it can be easy to overlook important parts of the process. Here, we have provided you with a list of top tips so you can make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible and nothing is forgotten.

Stay refreshed

Constant refreshments are required throughout the day to ensure you remain hydrated and to keep your energy levels up. If you are taking your fridge to your new property, it will need to be disconnected on moving day, so you could use a cool box or something similar to keep sandwiches, snacks, fruit, tea, coffee and cold drinks in.

Don’t forget, you will require something to eat and drink at the delivery end, so have a box with tea and coffee-making facilities in for you and your team. Don’t forget to keep the cups, milk, sugar and a kettle together, making sure the box is clearly-labelled and loaded last.

Spending the first night in your new home

At the end of your moving day, exhaustion will begin to set in. Moving is very tiring, and once the adrenalin has stopped pumping, you will be looking forward to your first night’s sleep in your new home.

This is not the time to realise you don’t know which box contains your bedding, so it might be advisable to keep your bed linen in a box very clearly labelled and easy to recognise, or even, if possible, take it with you in your car; that way, you will ensure that you can have it at hand that night. Also, bear in mind that you may want a shower or a bath after a long day moving, so you could also pack some clean towels in with the bedding as well.

Final checks at your old property

Before you leave your old property, it will be your responsibility to carry out a final check of all rooms, cupboards, loft space, garden area, sheds and outbuildings, before the vehicle leaves for your new destination. It’s up to you to ensure that all your belongings are loaded on the vehicle and nothing is being left behind by mistake, so a final inspection is very important.

The last thing to do before you leave is to take final meter readings. If you are not doing a handover to the new owners, check that electricity, gas, and water supplies are switched off at the mains, and that all windows and doors are securely fastened.

At your new home

Before the removal crew start to unload the vehicle, check that the house and its contents meet the criteria of your completion documentation. Check that all fixtures and fittings included in the sale have been left as agreed, and that any discrepancies are reported to your solicitor immediately. If you find any structural faults with the property that you were unaware of in the survey, contact the surveyor as soon as possible.

You must also remember to take meter readings and check that you have electricity, gas and running water the day you move in. Not only that, you should check that you have a functioning heating system, and that the code for the alarm system works correctly.

All that’s left to do now is to sit back, relax, and treat yourself to a nice glass of wine and a takeaway!

The Whittle Group

Here at The Whittle Group, we specialise in making the process of moving home as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We will carry out a free survey of your home to assess the requirements of your move and provide you with an accurate quotation and proposed itinerary. Our expert team can also:

  • Provide full packing services
  • Dismantle any large pieces of furniture
  • Tailor services to suit fragile items, such as pianos, valuable and fine art

We operate throughout Preston, Blackburn and the surrounding areas, so simply contact us today to request a free home survey or quote.

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