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What to do after your offer has been accepted on your dream home

Posted on 16th May 2016

Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned mover, preparation is always key when moving home. Once you have had your offer accepted on your dream house and you know you will be moving soon, you can finally start planning for the ultimate moving day.

Here at The Whittles Group, we understand that the thought of getting everything organised by the time you are moving can seem rather overwhelming. As such, this article will provide you with all you need to know in the lead-up to moving day, so you can write a comprehensive to-do list and avoid any last minute panic that something important has been forgotten.

Estimated moving date

First and foremost, you must receive an estimated moving date from your solicitors, so you know what timescales you are working towards when preparing for the moving day.

Searching for a professional removal company

Once you have been notified of this date, you can then begin your search for a professional removal company. A reputable company will carry out a free home survey at your property to assess the overall requirements and volume of the move; you must avoid anyone that is willing to give you a price without carrying out a home survey first at all costs.

Take this opportunity to check that your home contents insurance policy covers your belongings for moving day in the unlikely event that something is damaged. If not, you will need to arrange Goods in Transit Insurance with the removal company.

Organise a time and date for your free home survey with your preferred companies, ensuring they arrive at different times. Make your own inventory of all items included in the move and provide the removals company with a copy.

Compare the quotations that you receive and ask questions of the company if you are unsure about anything you are being quoted for. Make sure that everything you discussed at the home visit has been addressed and included within your quotation, before committing to a company.

If you need to place your items into storage, make sure you find a storage company that you are completely happy with, making sure it is secure, dry, and clean. Also, check that the company has the correct insurance cover for goods in store, e.g. a professional removal company.

Remember, professional removal companies require 7 to 10 days notice and the best companies get booked up very quickly, so don’t leave this to the last minute. Once you have a confirmed moving date, let the company know and have it put in their daily plot book/day diary.

Notify all parties involved of the estimated moving date

The next step is to liaise with all parties involved (e.g. solicitors, estate agents) and notify your landlord of this estimated date if you are currently renting. Remember to keep your removal company advised of any last minute changes.

Declutter your home

Be ruthless – it will save costs. Organise your belongings into piles of items you want to keep, give to charity, throw away, or sell – remember to sort through your garage, garden shed and loft. If required, now’s also the time to order new furniture or carpets to ensure they are delivered to your new property in time for when you move in.

Packing materials

While decluttering your home, you could also take this opportunity to purchase packing materials if you plan to do so yourself. These can be arranged through a professional removal company which can supply industry standard packing materials for all necessities, designed specifically for removal trade.

Who to notify of the move

When moving properties, you must remember to notify the following companies of your address change so they can update your personal details and redirect mail:

    • Utility companies (water, gas and electricity suppliers)
    • Bank
    • Building society
    • Electoral Office
    • Council tax
    • DVLA
    • Post Office
    • Pension providers
    • Insurance companies, e.g. car insurance.

If you are moving to a completely new area, you must remember to de-register at your current dentist, doctors and opticians, and check for new ones in the area that you are moving to.

Access to your property

If there are any restrictions on parking or access problems at your present or new property, you must let your removal company know. By contacting the local authority, they can usually get parking restrictions lifted for the duration of the move; access problems can also be overcome as long as the moving company know in advance.

Don’t forget your own transport on moving day!

Remember to check your own travel plans for moving day to ensure you have no problem getting to your new property. If you are moving a long distance, the removal may span more than one day, and you could need to arrange overnight accommodation.

The Whittle Group

For professional advice on how to conduct your house move, or to arrange a free home survey and quotation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Whittles Removals today. We operate throughout Preston, Blackburn and the surrounding areas, and have the experience and skills to handle any type of move.

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