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Which Packing Materials are Best?

Posted on 22nd February 2016

Whether you’re moving home, putting belongings into storage or relocating office, you will want to ensure that your belongings will be unpacked in the same condition you packed them. Careful packing of your items is key to keeping them protected, and using good quality packing materials will prevent your belongings from being damaged and guarantee a safe transit. We’ve put together some suggestions for the best packing materials to safeguard everything from fragile ornaments to large items of furniture.

Moving boxes

Moving boxes are available in varying sizes and are useful for most aspects of a move. Large boxes should be reserved solely for light items such as blankets, quilts, lamps and clothes, as filling a large box with heavy items will weaken the integrity of the cardboard and cause it to break apart. Heavy items are best suited to smaller boxes, which limits the amount of weight that can be placed into the box and thereby reduces the risk of the box breaking. Smaller boxes are ideal for conventional household items, books and files.

When packing fragile or breakable items, choose a box that is big enough to allow the item to sit without touching any of the sides, and then fill the available space with a protective layer to prevent the item being damaged.

Whittle removals - Courier moving boxes

Wardrobe moving boxes

If you want to transport your clothes easily, and prevent them from becoming creased in the move, a wardrobe moving box is the ideal solution. These boxes are made from double strength cardboard and are the same shape as a wardrobe, and they even come with a horizontal bar installed. This means you can transfer your clothes on their hangers from your wardrobe into the box and keep them hanging up and wrinkle-free. This will save a lot of time and energy later as you can throw your clothes on without needing to re-iron everything!

File boxes

If you’re packing up your office, you will want to ensure that all of your files and documents remain secure. File boxes provide the ideal shape and size to store all of your files, and have a more secure lid than a traditional packing box, assisting in keeping your important documents safely together.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a great tool for protecting breakable items from being damaged by knocks or bumps that can happen when moving boxes. It is important that you wrap each item individually to prevent the breakables knocking into one another during the move and causing damage.

Bubble wrap can also be used to wrap around large items of furniture that you want to protect from artificial damage, and can be wrapped around sharp corners of bulky furniture to make uncomfortably shaped items easier to handle for the movers.

Packing tape

Packing tape helps you secure your boxes closed for optimum security, and when it’s time to unpack, this specialised tape cuts open much easier than sellotape, so allows for more efficient unpacking.


Labelling your boxes not only makes them more easily identifiable when it comes to unpacking, you can also label anything carrying fragile items so your movers know to take extra care when handling the item.

Unconventional packing materials

In an attempt to cut costs, many homeowners have taken to using unconventional packing materials to transport their belongings, such as blankets, shredded paper or carrier bags to protect items, and using second hand boxes from supermarkets to pack their items in. We’d recommend that you avoid such practices, as these packing materials will be weakened from previous use and won’t provide the protection you need to keep your belongings safe.

A professional standard of packing material should be used at all times to prevent breakages and damages when moving belongings.
The Whittle Group provide a high quality packing service, supplying the finest packing boxes and protective wrapping to keep all of your belongings safe while in transit or storage. We’ve been operating since 1880, so we’ve built up the expertise to carefully pack and handle all kinds of furniture, from fine arts to pianos, office equipment to domestic furniture. To make an enquiry on the services we offer, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.

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