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5 Top Reasons for Moving to Other Countries

5 Top Reasons for Moving to Other Countries

Posted on 21st January 2016

Last month, we looked at the most popular destinations for UK expats, which led us to wonder why so many Brits are keen to leave England behind them; this month, we’re looking at the top reasons for moving to other countries to discover what exactly is enticing Brits away from the UK.


England is notorious for its gloomy weather, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is becoming more and more prominent up and down the country. SAD results in a feeling of depression or lethargy due to lack of sunlight, and in the winter it can really affect the quality of life for some individuals here in the UK. The thought of constant sunshine and long days can be an incentive for many to pack up and head to warmer climates for the sake of their mental well-being.

Cost of living

Many are drawn to other countries because of the reduced cost of living. Property prices are often much cheaper than here in the UK, and the tax systems and healthcare options can be a lot more favourable. In a time of uncertain markets, more and more people want to get the most value from their money, and emigrating is the perfect way to stretch their paychecks further.

Quality of life

Overall, British expats emigrated to their chosen countries in search of a better quality of life. Other cultures take a much more relaxed approach to life than here in the UK, and focus less on work and more on family life, which can be a huge draw. Lower crime rates, better schooling and preferred political stances can all lead to another country feeling more welcoming and suited to expats’ lifestyle preferences.

Employment opportunities

Whilst unemployment rates soar in the UK, other countries are crying out for qualified workers, so those failing to find consistent work here are often tempted to look elsewhere for a suitable means of supporting themselves and their families.


Finally, emigrating is an exciting adventure than can entice many individuals from all walks of life. Experiencing a new lifestyle and immersing yourself in an entirely different culture is a great experience to have, and can be very character building and rewarding.


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