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Top packing tips for moving house

Posted on 23rd July 2016

Your offer has finally been accepted on your dream home! So, what happens next? Whilst relocating home can be a daunting task for many, preparation is key to ensure a well-executed move. Many movers relegate packing towards the bottom of their to-do list, often causing last minute panic when moving day arrives. Starting the packing process as early as possible will help keep stress levels at a minimum, ensuring the move runs as smoothly as possible. Here, we will provide you with our top packing tips for moving house, so you can enjoy an organised, stress free move. 1. Declutter your…

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Which Packing Materials are Best?

Posted on 22nd February 2016

Whether you’re moving home, putting belongings into storage or relocating office, you will want to ensure that your belongings will be unpacked in the same condition you packed them. Careful packing of your items is key to keeping them protected, and using good quality packing materials will prevent your belongings from being damaged and guarantee a safe transit. We’ve put together some suggestions for the best packing materials to safeguard everything from fragile ornaments to large items of furniture. Moving boxes Moving boxes are available in varying sizes and are useful for most aspects of a move. Large boxes should be…

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Packing Up Your Home

Posted on 25th February 2015

If you are moving home, one of the most daunting tasks – aside from the selling and buying of the properties – is packing up your home ready for the move. Homes are full of memories as well as the furniture and possessions you have collected over time, which is why attempting to pack all of this up is unappealing to most. The process however does not have to be hard and can run smoothly with the right advice, something we provide in the following handy tips: Before starting to pack Before you attempt packing, it is well worth setting out…

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