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Denmark Destination Guide

Denmark Destination Guide

Posted on 6th December 2016

Destination Guide: Denmark

Fact file on Denmark

Capital City: Copenhagen

Population: 5,699,220 in October 2015

Currency: Danish krone

Language: Danish

Business opportunities: With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU, Denmark offers employment opportunities within all job sectors, with the most prominent industries being pharmaceuticals, maritime shipping, high-tech agriculture and renewable energy. It’s worth noting that there is a lack of skills in certain fields such as engineering, construction, healthcare, teaching and IT, so if you have qualifications in any of these areas, chances are you won’t have much difficulty finding a job.

Climate: During the summer period (May-August), daytime temperatures in Denmark usually reach around 20°C, with September proving to be rather rainy. The winter season can be bitterly cold, with temperatures dropping way below 0°C accompanied by snow, ice and icy winds; there’s even the strong possibility of a snowstorm in April!

The Danish way of life

  1. Soak up the culture

There are myriad attractions and landmarks to experience when living in Denmark, including:

– Copenhagen Zoo; located in Frederiksberg, this is one of the oldest zoos in Europe as it was founded in 1859

– Louisiana Museum of Modern Arts; home to modern art paintings by world renowned artists such as Picasso and Warhol

– Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen; full of rides and attractions, restaurants, cafes, gardens for both children and adults to enjoy.

  1. Get creative with Lego
Destination Guide: Denmark

The Lego Group – since shortened to ‘Lego’ – began in the workshop of a carpenter from Billund, Denmark. Fun for kids and adults alike, a visit to Legoland Billund promises to be an unforgettable trip to the place where Lego was first created almost 70 years ago.

  1. Watch the champagne-opening championships!

Each year, there is a competition held in Denmark to discover the best person at opening a bottle of champagne with a sword. Copenhagen’s champagne sabrage is also accompanied by its annual oyster opening championship, so it’s worth a watch if you’re searching for something out of the ordinary.

  1. Take a swim with the sharks

Whether you want to adorn a diving suit and dive straight in or you would rather spectate, Denmark’s shark centre, Kattegatcentret, is the ideal place for the ultimate sea experience.

With over 250 animal species from all over the world, the open aquariums, shows and diving experiences at Kattegatcentret will stimulate all the senses to captivate and amaze its visitors.

  1. Meet Santa in summer!

One of the world’s biggest gatherings of Santa Clauses, known as the ‘World Santa Claus Congress’ takes place at the world’s oldest amusement park, Bakken, every July. Here, you will get the chance to meet hundreds of Santas and watch them parade through the streets of Copenhagen, as well as catching their ‘Christmas in July’ show which takes place at the open-air stage.

Managing your finances in Denmark

Many worry about financial uncertainty when moving to another country, but if you research the country’s economy and plan thoroughly before your move, you will find the task of managing your finances far less arduous.

Denmark boasts one of the world’s lowest levels of income inequality and is always looking to expand its workforce, offering plenty of job opportunities to foreign workers in a wide range of sectors.

Tax and living costs, such as clothing and food, are higher in Denmark than the UK, however housing prices tend to be lower in Copenhagen than London. In addition, those living in Denmark will benefit from a high standard of living, including free healthcare and generous holiday entitlements.

Ease of moving

Preparation is paramount prior to moving to Denmark, so it’s important to get all of your personal belongings and documentation organised. When taking any items over with you, you will need to check with the Embassy of Denmark to see if you will need to shell out a hefty cost to pay for taxes – it’s worth noting that you may need to leave some belongings behind due to weight limits or transportation costs.

The period of time you are allowed to stay in Denmark for can depend on the type of visa you have, so you must confirm this before travelling. A Green Card can be obtained once you have secured a job in Denmark which will permit you to live and work in this country.

Whittle International Movers

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